Discovering Community Through Music

Have you seen any good shows lately?

By “show,” I mean a music performance, a concert, a live band on a large stage or a small one. Have you joined the crowd in cheering and singing along, that smile spreading on your face, your feet moving, and your hands raised in the air?

We’re in the midst of a loneliness epidemic in the United States and have been warned of its risks to our physical and mental health. I believe that being part of a community is one way to combat falling into this loneliness. Music has always been a part of my life, and I’ve seen its power to connect people, elicit joy, and just get people up and dancing. I can’t help but be filled with happiness when I am dancing.

“Who’s sad and lonely

You’re reaching for the top

Well, the music keeps you going

And it’s never gonna stop.” — Triumph

Many places help people get a sense of community, of belonging, and to find friendships. In my early days of motherhood, we had monthly parenting meetings, playdates, and sometimes even mom’s night-out events. It was a great place for support, and I made a lot of good friends.

As my kids got older and as my life changed, I discovered the fun of dressing up and going to see live music. I’m fortunate to have a sister close in age, and she’s the one who introduced me to this world. I sometimes wonder what I’d do without her. We have met, and continue to meet a lot of great people at these shows, and it truly feels like a community, something bigger than ourselves that we feel fortunate to be a part of.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

I consider myself rather thrifty, and this means going to shows at smaller venues. We have a great local music scene in the greater Detroit area along with venues that bring in some of our favorite bands from when we were teens.

How Can I Find Live Music Events Near Me?

We’ve had the most success finding shows with the following resources:

1. Facebook Events

  • On mobile, click on your profile and click Events. Select Local or Music and begin to browse. See something interesting? Click “Interested” on it. Now you’ll get a notification when it’s coming up. Another great thing about clicking “Interested” is that it can show up in your Friends’ feeds, and they can decide if they might be interested too.

2. Follow Local Venues on Facebook

  • Once you’ve been to a few shows, you may find you have a favorite venue. Follow them. Most venues that host live music will create an Event for these shows so people can order tickets or plan their calendars.

3. Follow Local Bands on Facebook

  • This works for Bands as well. If they have a page on Facebook, they’ll often share the Events or dates of their upcoming shows.

4. Bandsintown

  • Check your area. These are sometimes larger shows, and you might come across something you’d enjoy.

Once you’ve been to some shows and made some connections, you’ll start to see what upcoming shows they are interested in or going to, and you may discover new places, new shows, and new friends. Local live music events offer an excellent opportunity to support your community’s music scene, foster connections, and enjoy memorable nights out.

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